Truck Lettering Is Essentially Free Advertising

Posted by sps on September 15, 2018

Vehicle wraps in MA

If you drive a vehicle to and from work, and you don’t have your company name and contact information lettered on, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity. At Sign Effects, we offer original designs and quality craftsmanship to turn your vehicle into a cost-effective marketing tool. Our MA truck lettering experts will work hard to ensure the design is exactly what you’ve asked for.

Did you know that humans physically can’t help reading words that are put in front of them? Unless it’s in a language you don’t understand, your brain will impulsively read everything you see. This means that fellow commuters will read your company information, whether they want to or not, when they’re behind you at a red light. MA truck lettering is an excellent way to spread your message without seeming “pushy.”

What you choose to have put on your car or truck is entirely up to you. It’s traditional for a company to have logo’d vehicles that include their company name and logo, some contact information, and maybe a website. You may also choose to add descriptions of your company’s services or a slogan. Use caution – too much text can clutter your vehicle and make it hard to understand. Also, remember the majority of your audience is in traffic; don’t be too distracting!

Choosing to brand your vehicle – personal or work – also adds a layer of professionalism if you frequently travel to customers. For example, landscaping trucks are often branded because they go from client to client. Having their logo can help showcase their work, and a neighbor can quickly reach out if they are interested in their services.

Additionally, using vehicles with company logos can help people feel safe. Being able to identify the company provides people with a sense of security because they know who you are and what you’re doing near them – and they know you aren’t a threat.

Overall, the benefits of MA truck lettering are plentiful. By choosing professional artist at Sign Effects, you will be proud to drive your vehicle around and show off our work – and your company! Come by our shop in Wilmington to see what we can do for you!