Signs of a Bad Vehicle Wrap

Posted by sps on February 1, 2020

There’s been more than one occasion when a business owner comes to Sign Effects looking to replace their poorly installed truck lettering or vehicle wraps in MA. When you invest money into this form of advertisement, you should have confidence that your business is well represented.  Not only should your fleet look great, but it should leave an impression of who you are as a company.  Hopefully, a company that people want to hire.

When selecting a company for your vehicle wraps, be sure to do your research.  Furthermore, ask to see a portfolio of previous jobs.  In this article, we’ll give you a few pointers on what to look for, and what may be a sign of a bad wrap installation.

Visible edges

Seamless edging is a sure sign of a company that has expertise, or not, with vehicle wrapping.  Common imperfections include untucked edges, creasing, and peeling. If any of these signs hold true for your vehicle, it’s time to give our team a call.  Any damage to the edges can ultimately impact not only the look, but also the integrity of the wrap.  If you’re looking through a company’s portfolio and notice edges with imperfections, consider this a red sign.  Hiring a company with years of industry experience and product know-how is always a better option.


Mediocre trimming

Even though wraps are applied over the paint, it should look as if the design was painted directly onto the vehicle.  By utilizing a team of professionals with steady hands, you can avoid driving around looking as if you applied a giant sticker onto your car.  Mediocre just doesn’t cut it when it comes to vehicles wraps.



Perhaps one of the most common problems found with vehicle wraps is bubbling. These bumps usually appear a few days or weeks after installation, and are a telling warning of improper installation or the use of wrong materials.



Large seams

Fitting a wrap completely around a vehicle in one piece is nearly impossible given the different curves and shapes on the car’s body. Often, wraps require cutting and overlapping to create a cohesive look. This technique and perfection is usually only manageable by a team with great expertise.



For decades, the team at Sign Effects has been creating vehicle wraps in MA.  Not only can we customize a new job, but we can also help out with those hack jobs.  If you’re suffering from any of these problems, give our team a call today.  Our professionals have the techniques, invested time, and skill set to get your job right the first time. For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact us today at (800) 554-SIGN.