Pylon vs. Monument: Which Sign Is Best for Your Business?

Posted by sps on May 14, 2018

Throughout our business, we’ve done what we can to provide signs in Massachusetts that help clients take their business to the next level. While design and other visual aspects are crucial to how useful a sign is, it’s also relevant to, during the beginning stages, figure out which base will make the best impact. People may think pylon and monument signs are similar enough: both stand up, both have logos, and both stand outside of businesses. They work the same, right? Not entirely. Each has distinct attributes, and you should consider how each would impact your business’ success.




  • Location

Everyone knows that location is an essential factor in a business’ success. It determines plenty, including your sign’s design and placement. Monument signs are great for companies that are not on a busy road but need to stand out regardless. Monument signs showcase a business on those less crowded roads. Pylon signs, however, are ideal for companies located in an area that is very busy or near highways so you can gain the attention of people on busy roads.



  • Design

Some logos are best for shorter items like monument signs, while others are straightforward enough to get projected on a pylon sign. It depends on the logo’s design, size, and ability to project to customers. Make sure the model can fit. Otherwise, it won’t be useful and will not bring customers to your business.



  • Cost

Budget is a significant factor when you need to order signs in Massachusetts. Be sure that you have enough room to make the purchase you need after you determine which type of sign you need. Don’t be afraid to contact Sign Effects to get a quote and see how we can help you today so we can design the sign of your dreams.



  • Personal taste

Of course, individual taste is essential. You want to be sure that you like it, after all. Take your likes and dislikes into consideration and try to incorporate it into the design and consultation process. We’ll work with your goals and determine which is best for you, whether it’s an arch or monument.




Pylon and monument signs are useful for business. Talk to us today about which signs in Massachusetts could be the best for your business. Give us a call at (978)-663-0787 and see what we can do for you today! We’ll always provide quality signs for you.