Mistakes Made During DIY Vehicle Wrapping

Posted by sps on October 23, 2017

Sign Effects wants all vehicle wraps and truck lettering in MA to look phenomenal, but not everyone is willing to invest in professional Vehicle wraps in MA from Sign Effectsservices. There’s a reason you can tell the difference between professional and DIY installs, mostly because of these common mistakes made by do-it-yourselfers:


It might seem simple to measure your vehicle for the wrap and enter the information into a computer, but many DIY wrappers don’t take into consideration that their car, truck, or van isn’t a flat object. They will often not account for the curves, and that will show after install.

Leveling text with the car and not the road

Cars have many different breaks and lines, and many of those aren’t perfectly level with the ground. When nonprofessionals design their wraps, they often will make their text level with those lines instead of the ground, which appear uneven and sloppy.

Quality of images and text are subpar

Have you ever noticed a vehicle wrap that was difficult to read or the pictures used were blurry? That is the result of low resolution. Though your design might look nice on the screen before printing, you will never know how it will look blown up unless you understand how images are stretched.

Not enough prep before install

For your vinyl wrap to appear seamless, your vehicle has to be spotless. We’re not talking about a driveway rinse, either. Your vehicles will need to be cleaned from top to bottom. This prep includes parts of your car you don’t usually notice, like the edges of your hood, doors, and trunk/hatch. For proper adhesion to happen, you need the perfect surface.


From cutting the panels too small before installing to air bubbles and angles bunching, all of these little items add up and will crack and peel. These tears expose the paint below your vehicle which are unsightly, reflect poorly on your business, and might cause odd wear marks where the damages occur if not fixed.

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