Lighting Options for Illuminated Signs

Posted by sps on August 1, 2019

An illuminated sign is one which is backlit, typically during the evening hours.  However, depending on the location of your business, you may always have your sign lit to grab the attention of potential customers.  For instance, many mall shops have illuminated signs that will remain lit 24/7. However, a corporation that owns a building in an industrial park may have a sign near the road that is illuminated from dusk until dawn. This article will review the different types of illumination available.


Front-Lit Signs

As the name suggested, this type of illuminated sign is lit only from the face of the letters.  One of the most popular choices for malls and outdoor plazas, a front-lit channel letter will draw attention both day and night. Providing the option of a flush mount or raceway style, this style of lighting is easily customizable to your preference.  Plus, front-lit channel letters are an excellent solution for grabbing the attention of people passing by from far distances.

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Backlit Signs

However, if you’re looking for a unique approach, backlit illuminated signs may be the solution you seek.  Also known as reverse channel letters, or halo lit letters, LED lighting solutions are often utilized in this type of sign.  With the strategic placement of the lighting, your illumination will create a halo effect behind the lettering.  The halo effect will provide the uniqueness to make your company name stand out from the competition.

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Light Boxes

Perhaps the most popular type of illuminated sign, a light box, or backlit sign, is a dimensional aluminum box that has either one or two faces.  For example, if your sign is mounted to a building, you’d have one side.  However, you may have a free-standing pole in which case a two-sided sign is the better solution.  A light box will illuminate from a variety of fluorescent lamps that are built into the box.  A perfect solution for both indoor andoutdoor promotions, light boxes can be mounted to ceilings, walls, or left free-standing.

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