Importance of Good Logo Design

Posted by sps on April 1, 2019

sign effects MA Every business has a logo.  However, not every business has a good logo design.  So what is the difference and why is it important? Taking the time to brainstorm and evolve a logo design for your company is imperative when targeting a specific audience.  Logos are statements about who you are.  With several free logo tools available, it may be tempting to hop online and generate an image that appeals to you.  However, there are several benefits to utilizing trained professionals when it comes to creating your logo.

Grabs Attention

In today’s fast-paced world your company has seconds to capture the attention of potential customers.  With tools such as font, color, shapes, and slogans you can uniquely captivate your targeted audience. You want your logo design to stand out from your competition.  Whether it be bright colors to promote your doggie daycare, or neutral, earthy tones to represent your coffee shop, reaching your audience and leaving an impression is vital to your company’s success.  Each element you choose will speak an unspoken story to consumers.


Your logo provides a visual reference to your targeted audience.  A point of identification, your logo should represent who your company is.  Certain triggers evoke emotions in people.  How do you want your logo to make people feel? If your logo is aesthetically pleasing, consumers will imprint it somewhere in their memory.  Thus, choosing the right colors and tones are imperative to reaching your audience.

Brand Identity

The most important feature of a logo is to give your company identity.  Thus, a well thought-out and executed logo design is imperative.  Your logo is your brand.  For example, consider the Nike Swoosh.  This logo is simple yet powerful.  Logos do not need to be intricate.  Sometimes less is more.  However, your company may want a more involved logo design depending on the purpose and goal.  Either way, branding is a powerful tool for businesses to tell their story.


Effective marketing begins with a professional image.  Sign Effects will work with you directly to create a logo design that will portray your business in a unique and unforgettable way.  Custom designed to fit the style of your business, each logo is produced to send your unique message to customers.  Contact Sign Effects today and get your business noticed (800) 554-SIGN or visit them online.