Five of the Essential Components of Vehicle Wraps

Posted by sps on April 13, 2018

To make an impression, you need to have quality advertising and get your business out there. Vehicle wraps in MA are a great way to advertise and work very well for businesses. It’s fun, vivid, and can have quite the reach when employed correctly. However, you need to have the essential components on your wrap for it to work. Otherwise, you may not reach the people you want or hit significant goals. You want your business to thrive, so consider these aspects when talking to us about designing your vehicle wrap.



1.) Business name 

While including your direct number or name is crucial, it’s much more important to make your business’ name the forefront of the design. People will want to look you up if you catch their attention, and they may be lead astray when they simply search for your name and find items that pertain to you, but have nothing to do with your business.


2.) Contact information 

To get people into your doors, you need to provide a way for them to reach you. Make sure that the design of your vehicle wrap includes your contact information. You don’t need a full address or emails, but a phone number – at the least – is a must. People can only reach you if you let them.


3.) A sharp design 

Some people prefer unassuming designs. Others are more open to vibrant, louder designs. Whatever the case may be, finding the right balance with your vision is critical. The designs on vehicle wraps in MA are the first things people see, so they need to look sharp and grab people’s attention to succeed. The design is a first impression. Make it count.


4.) Quick description of services 

Now, it shouldn’t take up the whole vehicle wrap, but it’s wise to show people what you do on your wrap. Even something as simple as a job title can make people feel informed of what you do and inspire them to contact you.


5.) Quality material 

You need to ensure that your wrap will last – especially if you live in New England! Make sure you shop at somewhere like Sign Effects to get a wrap so you know what what you’re getting is quality.



Now that you know what vehicle wraps in MA should include, why don’t you give us a call? We can get reached at (800)-554-SIGN (7446). We’re happy to help!