Dimensional Sign Techniques

Posted by sps on November 15, 2018

Here at Sign Effects, we work with a variety of techniques, materials, and styles to help you create the most captivating sign for your organization. Whether you’re interested in something illuminated, dimensional, or fabricated, we’re the guys for the job. Keep reading to learn more about our techniques, and how they contribute to your new sign!

What are Dimensional signs?

To begin, dimensional signs are different from other, printed signs because they are multi-dimensional. You start with the original piece of material and take away layers to create a 3-D effect. When carving, you remove layers to create symbols and designs in the carvings. Sandblasting, on the other hand, removes material around the design, leaving it behind to stand out.


Hand carved dimensional signs can help add a personal touch to your business. They look professional and high quality, two attributes you want people to associate with your company! Carved signs are traditionally made from wood, but we also offer signs in a more resistant material, so it’ll look beautiful for years to come. Carved signs are perfect to add color and make your logo stand out. They look great outside your building or inside the office!


Sandblasting is a unique method of creating dimensional signs because it does the opposite of carving. Instead of carving out the desired logo or design, you carve around it, leaving behind the image! The image becomes the foreground, while the rest of the negative space appears to be set back.

3-D Machining

If creating layers in one material isn’t “dimensional” enough for your liking, enter 3-D machining! We can cut letters, logos, and other shapes out of one material, and place them on another to create a sign, or you can put them directly on your office wall. By choosing colors that contrast the walls, your logo is sure to stand out and demand attention.

Dimensional signs of any variety are versatile, attention-grabbing ways to make your organization stand out. The professional work of the experts here at Sign Effects will work with you to develop a piece that’s unique and beautiful. Check out our inventory here!