Before the Wrap: Things to Consider Before Getting a Vehicle Wrap

Posted by sps on October 15, 2018

We believe in the power of vehicle wraps. Applying a company logo, contact information, or unique design can draw attention to your organization. Your car will essentially become a traveling billboard. But do you know the precautions you should take? Here at Sign Effects, we want our customers to feel educated and that they are making the right decision. We’ve compiled this list of general things you should double check before you choose to wrap your vehicle.


Now, of course, we can’t speak for every insurance company out there, or every state regulation out there – that’s up to you. But we can give you some food for thought regarding insurance. For the most part, insurance companies probably won’t have any problem with you getting a car wrap. As we said, they’re a great way to promote your company and identify yourself as a professional. Some wraps may even protect your car from weather-related deterioration. Some, however, will need to see the wrap before they give you the green light, so be prepared. You don’t want your insurance policy to be voided, or incur extra expenses.


When it comes to the legality of a vehicle wrap, you probably don’t have to worry. They’ve been used for years as ways for large companies to brand their fleets of cars and trucks! That being said, make sure your wrap doesn’t impede your ability, or others, to drive safely. Make sure it doesn’t cover any windows or mirrors or anything like that! Larger designs made from flashy chrome or other reflective material could also pose a problem.


Most professional vehicle wrap companies – like ours – work with you to develop a design and logo that is simple, not too distracting, and gets the message across. For more information about car wraps or to see our portfolio, check out our site here.