A Few of The Most Famous Logo Designs

Posted by sps on December 1, 2019

One element of everyday life that most people pay little attention to is logo design.  Logos are everywhere, all day, every day.  However, unless you’re part of the design world, you probably see them without registering what you’re looking at.  Logos are carefully crafted to portray a specific message or evoke a particular emotion; all while giving the consumer an idea about the company.  Here at Sign Effects, our team loves the challenge of logo creation, or enhancement.  From nothing too amazing, logos are a necessary part of branding.  Here are just a few of our all-time favorite designs:



Whether you eat at McDonald’s or not, the golden arches are a global phenomenon.  Designed in 1952, the golden arches were created as representations of the architecture for the first franchised building.



With the growing popularity of Apple produces, the already prominent logo has now become a household image.  From young to old, Apple lovers to haters; everyone recognizes the famous bitten apple.



Another simple but brilliantly designed logo, the Target logo design began in 1962.  The original logo contained several red circles which have been reduced to one over time.  A classic bullseye.



If you have never heard the tale of the Nike swoosh, this is for you.  Generated, for free, by an intern, the Nike swoosh is one of the most internationally recognized logos of all time.  The fluid movement of the marking represents the company’s theory of movement and speed.  The term “swoosh” grew as a relation to the fibers used within the shoe.



Since we’re on the topic of a simple line with great movement, we have to mention Amazon.  From bold black letter underlined with an orange arrow, people know this logo.  However, have you ever taken the time to analyze this logo? The arrow begins at “A” and points to “Z.”  A perfect message that the company sells everything from A to Z.



Another modern-day logo design that has evolved dramatically over time comes from Pepsi.  Created in 1898, the script lettering has evolved and been replaced, by a branded red, white, and blue circle.  However, it is still one of the most recognizable logos.



If you’re looking to rework, or create, a logo design for your company that stands out, it’s time to call the team at Sign Effects.  We will gather the information required to design a unique, meaningful logo that helps you to stand out from your competition.  Call us today at (800) 554-SIGN for more details.